The Library 

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Library of the Cocumscussoc Association at Smith’s Castle

Library Collection Policy

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Association Library to maintain a dynamic collection in order to provide prompt and professional research and reference services and to maximize access to the resources needed to meet the demands of visiting researchers.

Library Objectives

  1. To develop collections of materials that support, enrich and satisfy the research needs of visitors.
  2. To encourage use of the library and its facilities by the general public and academic community.


Books and periodicals are acquired by bequest, donation or by purchase as funds allow. Materials accepted by the library include the following subjects:

  1. Colonial era architecture
  2. The history of Smith’s Castle and the Cocumscussoc Association
  3. Biographies of colonists and Indians of New England
  4. The culture and society of the colonialists in New England
  5. Colonial era crafts
  6. The culture and society of Indians in New England
  7. New England colonists’ relationship to local Indians


The Library accepts gifts with the understanding that they will not necessarily be added to the Library’s collection unless the material meets the documented criterion for selection of new materials. If the materials are not suitable because of condition, out-of-date knowledge or other factors, the items will either be returned to the donor or be discarded. An acknowledgment of the acceptance of the donation will be put into writing and forwarded to the donor. The library does not appraise gifts. Although duplication of titles is not generally encouraged, multiple copies up to a maximum of two copies will be classified with the approval of the Acquisitions Librarian.


  1. The Cocumscussoc Association library is not a lending institution.
  2. The library is open by appointment only. Call (401) 294-3521.
  3. Admission is free for all patrons.
  4. Coats, bags and closed cases of any kind are not allowed into the Reading Room. Bags and closed cases include: purses, handbags, manila envelopes, backpacks, computer cases and expandable folders are subject to inspection. Outside books, original manuscripts and photographs are also not permitted.
  5. Patrons may use pencils only for note taking in order to preserve our collection. Pencils are available for borrowing and sharpeners are also provided. Mechanical pencils are acceptable, however colored pencils are not.
  6. Laptop computers may be used by patrons in the Reading Room. Cases are not permitted.
  7. Cell phones are to be set on vibrate or turned off and conversations are limited to the lobby so as to not disturb other patrons. Patrons may use iPods or other headphone electronics as long as the volume of sound coming from the headphones is not detectable or disturbing. Use of a cell phone or other electronic format to photograph materials is not permitted without prior approval of the library staff.
  8. Reproductions of materials may be available depending upon the size and condition of the item. All materials must be reviewed by library staff before they may be reproduced. Materials may be reproduced only at the discretion of library staff.
  9. Patrons are responsible for observing all copyright laws.
  10. Food and drink are not permitted in the Reading Room.

This Library policy may be modified as needed.